Less is more

A good sandwich can also be simple and pure. Armando of ‘I Fratellini’ goes for the pure taste of his toppings. His sandwiches are ‘Cibi di strada’ in the form of a quick, savory, affordable and portable filled sandwich.”

Address: Via Dei Cimatori 38/r, Firenze

Lardo Di Collonata

At Armando’s ‘I Fratellini’ I try the schacciata sandwich filled with “Lardo Di Collonata”. “Lardo Di Collonata” is an exceptional delicacy with a refined, rich flavor. It is a good example of how the food of the poor conquered the city from the countryside.

To find out more about this lard, I went to the company Gianerelli in the ancient village Colonnata, of the commune Carrara. It is situated in the Apuan Alps in Tuscany. They produce the Lard in a large underground cool cellar. Marino Gianerelli showed me how they work, the ingredients they use and what is needed to produce such a healthy, tasteful and soft lard. After the cellar we went back upstairs to his shop where I could taste ‘bruschette’ topped with very thin sliced Lardo di Colonnata. The nice Vermentino wine we drank aside, made it complete. Heaven was right at this spot!

Address: Via Comunale 2 in Colonnata