Why this adventure?

I’m a huge foodie, deeply in love with Italy’s flavours of sun and holidays. Italy to me is a wonderland filled with great food, exceptional ingredients and charming cooking traditions. To top it all off you have a backdrop of breathtaking coastlines, sun-baked countryside and Unesco World Heritage cities. What an incredible place!

Whenever I travel, I always make sure to check out the local food scene. For this project I will explore an authentic underseen part of culinary Italy — The origins of Italian cuisine.

I will show you iconic dishes, as well as barely known and underappreciated regional street delicacies. The regional food, other than pasta, remains a blank spot on the Italian culinary atlas for most non-Italians. So, I’ve made it my mission to make its delicious food more widely known.

It’s a mouthwatering plan that I’ve long dreamed about. I bought a California to traverse the twenty regions of Italy to discover the classic street delicacies of each place. I made it my motto: Live now, dream later.
I share some of my culinary traveling experiences on this blog and in a book.