The schiacciata is a historical Tuscan version of the focaccia and is very famous in Florence. I went to “All’ Antico Vinaio” near the Piazza della Signoria to have a bite from this famous bread. Tourists consider these sandwiches the best in Florence and its surroundings. A side effect of its popularity is the very long queue in front of the store. I needed a lot of patience before I could enjoy my sandwich. However, the taste and the view afterwards, made up for everything. I ate my schiacciata along the Arno near “Ponte Vecchio”.

You can choose the fillings ‘a la carte’ or on a set menu. The “Favolosa” is the topper. The Schiacciata bread is cut in half and filled with: Sbrisciolona fennel salami, pecorino cream, grilled; slightly spicy eggplant and a cream of artichoke.

Address: Via dei Neri, 76R, 50122 Firenze