Authentic Veneto aperitif

When I walk past the terraces on the streets and squares in Padua, I see a red aperitif drink poured out on the tables everywhere. Massively, this bittersweet cocktail is ordered and drunk. It is truly unimaginable how this perfect thirst-quencher has stolen the hearts of locals and tourists. Indeed, Spritz is the authentic Veneto aperitif, based on a red liqueur, prosecco and soda or sparkling water.

The world-famous aperitif is versatile and light. I stop by bar, Margherita on the Piazza della frutta to quench my thirst with a spritz and ask my waiter a few questions at the same time. I immediately notice from Pietro’s enthusiasm and explanation that I have a passionate connoisseur with me. He falls straight to the point: “Padua has a very important place in the history of this drink of the gods, and what some don’t know is that there are many different versions of it. We serve Spritz with Select, Campari, Aperol, Cynar, Fiero or Luxardo. They are all different flavours in different versions of red.” So I have to think about this before ordering my refresher.

Spritz in Padua is a must. It is an aperitif inextricably linked to the city. Drinking a spritz, sitting at a table in one of the bars in Piazza delle Erbe or Piazza della Frutta is something you must experience, when in Padua!

Address: Bar Margherita, Piazza della Frutta 44, Padua