Farm in the city

At the first floor of the Mercato Centrale I interviewed Enrico Lagorio, one of the owners of the Chianina hamburger business ‘La Toraia’ and the historical farm ‘La Fratta’. What they produce in the farm, they sell in the city.
The Chianina burger is now as popular in Florence as the iconic “Bistecca Fiorentina” or “Chianina T-Bone.

I taste the “Classico”, which is a sandwich filled with Chianina burger, lettuce and onions fried in beer. I take it without sauces, to savor better the meat and the delicious onions. This burger pairs perfectly with a Lager beer: “La Toraia Chiara”, of their own production.
Thank you Enrico for this wonderful experience!

Address: p.zza del Mercato Centrale, via dell’Ariento, Firenze