Mondeghili is also one of the typical dishes of Lombardy cuisine, eaten at a table, in a bar or on the street. Mondeghili is a difficult name for the meatballs that are also part of the peasant tradition because they were prepared with leftover meat. I arranged to meet at the Park Hotel restaurant of the Preti Torlaschi family to find out more about this special dish.
Francesco Preti, who likes to delve into the culinary history of his region, says that Mondeghili were already eaten in the 16th century. “They are the expression of the Milanese spirit and at the same time the most important culinary heritage of the Spaniards. It was they who spread them in the one and a half century in which they dominated our capital, between 1535 and 1706.”

Recycle food
“The first available texts mention leftover beef as ingredients for the recipe, enriched with liver-mortadella, soaked bread and eggs. The meatballs were fried and served hot. In the meantime, the recipe has become more refined in terms of ingredients, without losing the concept of cibodistrada or popular food,” Francesco concludes.

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