The bauerntoast or farmer’s toast is in fact a simple and rustic snack that combines only the best local ingredients. I head further into Bolzano’s historic centre to sample such a sandwich. I enter Panificio Grandi in Via dei Bottai where I ask Johann Grandi to explain exactly what the famous buaurntoast consists of.
“The bread is generally dark and typically South Tyrolean. As a filling, we use the local speck and thin slices of mountain cheese. Usually the bread is also warmed up a little to melt the cheese in a toaster or in the oven,” explains Johann.
I taste the toast that Johann has made for me and what immediately strikes me is the aniseed flavour, along with other herbs, between the salty bacon and the melted cheese.

Address: Panificio Grandi, Via dei Bottai 18, Bolzano