The dough is very simple: flour, water and a bit of salt. The novelty lies in the social communication around it, which began two years ago. On a Sunday in April 2019, Cinzia Montagna, journalist and writer from Santa Giuletta in the Oltrepò Pavese, made a schita and posted the photo on her Facebook profile. Many of her followers started making this forgotten recipe too. Schita became a craze in the region and far beyond. Everyone wanted to try it, and taste it!

Schita can be eaten sweet, sprinkled with sugar. But here, it is usually served savoury, together with typical meat delicacies of the region, cheeses and vegetables. “The name means schiacciata (flat bread), which in dialect is schisa. Others say it could also mean schietta ”straightforward”, given the simplicity of the ingredients,” explains Cinzia.

Schita has become a story of nostalgia and rural life, of authenticity and purity. “Young and old have joined the virtual group. Even a lady of 92 years old participated in the day of Schita of Oltrepò Pavese in June 2020, ” says Cinzia very proudly.   

Cinzia also shared the recipe with me. It is important to understand this is not a pancake. “The success lies in baking it thin, achieving the right balance between softness and crispness,” she explains.

Cinzia started the website and a Facebook group La schita dell Oltrepò Pavese.