City fruit

People from all over Italy have settled in Milan in recent decades. It gave a new impulse to the food scene and to a wide range of street dishes. Cibi di strada here are a combination of different Italian regions. But above all, it is the panino, a richly filled sandwich, that conquered the hearts of the Milanese. Initially it was a kind of spezzafame, which means a hunger breaker. But the panini became more creative and abundant from day to day. It is also thanks to the reinterpretations by famous chefs that panini in Milan became more and more iconic. Since the 1980s, Milan was a city where young sandwich makers with their own language and specific attitude fed the panini culture.

I did a tour through Milan to find out more of these urban fruits. It was an intensive journey passing by the wonderful monuments, spectacular businesses, inspiring waters, beautiful squares, clean streets and smiling, well-dressed people.