Panino con braciola

My next stop is at the food truck da Alberto at the crossroads between Castelraimondo, Camerino and Pioraco. Alberto Grasselli set up this mobile tavern in 1993. It is a green food truck with a covered veranda, six tables and twelve chairs.
Famous is his Panino con braciola: tasty, well-seasoned and freshly roasted slices of pork lie between a crusty bun.

When Alberto started making braciola eight years ago, he was the only one. “The dish was born here, meanwhile others are copying it,” Alberto explains. His wife Fiorella, sons Cesare and Emanuele and two other people work in the business. The large queue of waiting customers in the car park proof to the success of this business.
Alberto also serves home-made porchetta, sausages, cheese and ham sandwiches. You can also eat the ciauscolo here. And a glass of wine or a fresh beer are, of course, part of the menu.

I try a braciola sandwich. The meat is tender, well seasoned and very tasty. Well done Alberto!

Address: Ristoro Da Alberto, Strada Provinciale Castelraimondo, Italia