Crescia di Urbino

My tour in the Marche begins in Urbino. This small hill town flourished in the 15th century. Urbino’s most popular street dish is also a pearl of the Renaissance.

Valerio of the Ragno D’ Oro restaurant initiates me into the secrets of the crescia di Urbino. “The shape resembles a piadina but the ingredients and the preparation are different,” says Valerio, “In the 15th century, it was the favourite dish of the dukes of Urbino.”

Valerio: ” This crescia of puff pastry is unique to Urbino. It is the ancestor of the millefeuille. In those days, puff pastry was a real delicacy at feasts.“

I also talk to Pietro of Fagiolo Pizza in the centre of Urbino. The crescia sfogliata turns out to be quite a powerful dish. ” The perfect filling is with prosciutto crudo and casciotta cheese di Urbino. Every bar, restaurant or trattoria in Urbino offers the crescia,” concludes Pietro.

I taste a creamy crescia sfogliata di Urbino filled with screscenza cheese and rucola. The dish is heavy, also because of the lard in the dough. Very tasty.

Address: Fagiolo Pizza, Via Vittorio Veneto, 19, Urbino
Address: Ragno D’Oro, Via Don Minzoni, Urbino