Crescentina di Bologna

Seven kilometers from Bologna lies Il Chiosco, at Villanova di Castenaso. There I want to learn more about the crescentina di Bologna. This business of Dania Morelli has grown from a piadina stall to a lunch and dine based on cibo di strada, in the middle of a quiet little park. You’ll find a wide range of local street dishes like piandine, crescentine and tigelle combined with the best fine meats from the region like mortadella, salame felino, prosciutto di parma 24mesi, porchetta, pancetta, coppa di parma and prosciutto cotto. Or the cashews: Gorgonzola, mozzarella, grana padano, … and with grilled vegetables such as, peppers, eggplants, zucchini, onion or raw salads. “Our region is so rich, and offers us all that goodness” says Dania.

Crescentine fritte
“The crescentine can be eaten in trattorias, street food stands, bars and recently even in starred restaurants,” Dania continues, “because they symbolize an unmistakable culture and culinary tradition of Bologna. Their origins go very far back into the mists of time. Once upon a time, and even not so long ago, they were fried in lard. This tradition has been preserved in many families to this day. “

“It’s a much lighter dough than piadina,” Dania continues. “We made our own recipes, which we think that go best for the dishes. Let’s just say it’s a good combination of all the influences from the region,” Dania explains with a smile.

Dania has prepared a crescentina for me and I sit at a table outside overlooking all the greenery in this little garden of Eden. The sun is shining and a fresh glass of wine is served. I drink the fresh red bubbles of a lambrusco on Dania’s recommendation. Delicious!

Address: Strada Comunale Fiumana Sinistra 4, Villanova