Saint Marcel is a small village in the Aosta Valley, known for ist pure water, healthy air and rare mineral stones. In 1985 “la Valdotaine” started producing it’s prosciutto crudo “Saint Marcel” using an old recipe from the XV century. In those days it was a delicacy of the Aristocracy. The ham was salted and treated with herbs from the mountains, providing a rich and pleasant flavor. The ham is now still a hand-crafted delicacy with an unmistacable taste. Paolo Fabris from Valdotaine explains that they created the right spot at their “Le Merenderie” to experience the ham with its mountain herbs in a rustic environment like a real ‘merenda’ (it is food in between lunch and dinner). At the “Le Merenderie” the ham can be tasted in combination with other local products and drinks from the Aosta Valley.

“The Merenderia at Valdotaine is also the starting point of the ‘Via del Prosciutto“, says Paolo. Together with a group of locals they invented a trail into the mountains. It is an easy and panoramic 18 km road. The via del prosciutto stops off in characteristic places where the hams are preserved and seasoned. The itenerary goes 1819 meters up untill a most panoramic point at the Servette mines. Every year in the third week of June a big event is organised by the ‘Prosciuttiamo‘ team. Local food, drinks, sports and music enteraintment are provided at the different altitutes. “It is really spectacular and everyone is welcome!” states Paolo.

Address of Valdotaine and Le Merenderie: Zona Industriale 12 – 11020 Saint Marcel (AO)