Emirald spirits

Anna Maio is a true connoisseur of the Valley’s distillery. She explains to me how the local Alpine ingredients and mineral-rich waters give rise to the mountain character of Valdotaine’s liquors. “The crafstman in the heart of the Alps selected the finest plant essences and transformed them into unique alpine spirits. But also the water is of great value,” she sais. “In the backyard of Valdotaine lies a spring with a unique turquoise color, because of rare minerals present in the water.”

Valdotaine only produces small batches of hand-crafted spirits. It is amazing to see how rare mountain botanicals are infused in the liquor and then carefully distilled. Valdotaine produces Gin, Vermouth, Vodka, Grappa, Bitter and Amaro spirits. Anna made me taste all of them. I can still feel the sensation of the Alpine herbs in my mouth…. and brain.

Address: La Valdôtaine Srl. Zona Industriale 12 – 11020 Saint Marcel (AO)