Pecora in pignata

My friend Beppe di Gesù takes me to the Tre Archi restaurant. It is located in the heart of the enchanting historical centre of Altamura. This restaurant is the concept of Mina and Peppino who bring to the table the essence of Altamura’s gastronomic tradition. You find here very tasty, authentic products in a refined setting.

I come here tot try the pecora in pignata which is typical for this area. The meat of the sheep stew is particularly tender and it also tastes very soft and juicy. Mina explains that the natural flavour of the food is preserved by the long simmering in the terracotta over the gentle fire of the ancient fireplace. Mina: “In pecora in pignata, the strong taste of the sheep is tamed, not only by the wine, but also by the bitter essences of the vegetables such as chicory and wild fennel. During the long and slow cooking process in the terracotta pot, that flavour is toned down.

In addition to Mina and Peppino’s exceptionally good food, the interior design of the restaurant is also remarkable. They worked on it together with local artist Vito Maiullari. The interior is a nod to the the earlier transumanza (passage of sheep with their shepherds), and Maiullari’s sheep seat is an icon for the region!

Address: Via S. Michele 28, Altamura