A tradition in the village of Fonni is the typical savoiardi called pistoccus. They are the island version of the long finger biscuits that we use in tiramisu. They differ from the traditional savoiardi in shape and consistency. The soft, artisanal savoiardi di fonni or boscotti di fonni biscuits are a hymn of simplicity. You only need three ingredients to make them: flour, sugar and eggs. That is why they are also called egg biscuits. The sugar coating or crust on top makes them even more appetising. The history of these Sardinian biscuits is linked to the House of Savoy, who spread the basic recipe for their savoiardi biscuits throughout their territory. The classic savoiardi, the Piedmontese, were invented by the cook of Amadeus IV of Savoy. During their reign the biscuits also reached France, Sicily and Sardinia. Probably in this mountain village the most successful variant of the biscuits was invented and perpetuated. Fonni’s biscuits go hand in hand with coffee. Together with coffee, they are the protagonists of the cosy moments in the many homes in Sardinia.