I stop in Taormina for brioche and granita for breakfast. Some experiences cannot be replicated in other parts of the world, so I go all out for this bucket list worthy, personal delight. Taormina is beautifully situated on a hilltop on the east coast of Sicily. The city is famous for its historic Greco-Roman theatre that attracts many tourists. Also beautiful are the high cliffs in the sea between which beautiful sandy beaches hide. In the old town, I enter the pasticceria/gelateria Nonna Rosa.

I order a granita caffe con panna e brioche or a granita with coffee flavour, whipped cream and pastry. I sit down at a little table outside. You can only understand it by doing it in this universe. A stage in this life and ice cream that calls for love and affirmation. The glass in front of me, a spoon and a buttery brioche on a small plate have my full attention. The consistency of the granita is difficult to describe. It is not melty, but it is not firm either. It stays intact long enough on my spoon without melting, but once in my mouth, it disappears immediately. It is not icy or grainy, but it is not really smooth either. I call it ‘perfect‘. Now I dip the brioche into the glass with granita and cream, as tradition dictates. The coffee, the cream, the buttery biscuit, all intense flavours. Pure and oh so typical. Wonderful!

Address: Nonna Rosa, Via S. Pancrazio, Taormina