When the wine harvest begins in Montefalco, the wine producers organise a large buffet for the entire family and employees. This is how they celebrate the start of the harvest. Young and old then enjoy the typical cake maritozzi they prepare with the grape must from the first harvest. The earliest grapes are immediately pressed into juice, which is called must or mosto. To make wine, must is fermented. They use a small part of the first must to celebrate the vendemnia or harvest and make maritozzi. They really cherish this family feast and pass it on to the next generations.

Every year during the harvest, this delicious pastry is made with grape must. This pastry provides an aroma that reminds you of what you smell when you walk through the cellars making wine. You can make the maritozzi from ripe wine grapes (which you press) or unfermented must. You can eat maritozzi with cheeses and fine meats.

Address: Romanelli Agricola, Località Colle San Clemente 129, Montefalco