Molise burgers

From Agnone, I drive 50 kilometres south-west to Isernia, capital of the province with the same name. I ride along green mountain ridges in the wake of the Parco Nazionale. The route is wonderful.

As I am on a quest for cibo di strada, I am extremely curious to find out how it can thrive in a conventional Molise.  So I go to the Garage street food business of Mattia Rotolo en Gianluca Cortese Tempesta in Isernia.
“It’s very simple,” Mattia explains. “We prepare hamburgers, sandwiches and hot dogs based on local and traditional ingredients. We only use quality products that we find here in our rich environment. The burgers from Isernia, the bread from Montaquila, the mozzarella from Bojano, the mushrooms and truffles from Cantalupo, the vegetables from local growers and the beers from Filignano. With us, in street food style, you take an authentic journey through the gastronomy of Molise. That works really well!”

Scottona burger
What immediately stands out when I look at the offer is that some of the burgers are made from scottona. Mattia: “This is very lean and young meat. The tenderness of a scottona burger is a real superlative. Scottona is not actually the name of the meat. It is a female cattle aged 18 to 24 months that has never given birth,” explains Mattia.

These are young men presenting themselves in American biker style and also deliver from their motorbikes. In addition to this business in the Giuseppe Garibaldi Street, they also have a large, mobile airstream caravan and some others for parties and events. 

Address: Garage Moto Kafè, Giuseppe Garibaldi 211,Isernia