Another stop is at the Azienda Agricola Bukavec Vesna in Prosecco where Zarko Bukavec welcomes me with the delightful words “Fate come a casa vostra” or pretend you are at home. Zarko serves his prosekar, a sparkling wine or better, a prosecco in its place of origin. This tastes like a real prosecco, but it’s a variant.

“Originally prosecco was made in Slovenia, when the village still belonged to that country. Veneto stole the prosecco or glera grape from us, as well as our name. There is a whole culture and civilization behind these hills and we want to carry it forward,” Zarko posits.

Il vino della passione
For the label of his prosekar, Zarko has a beautiful young woman portrayed who, after drinking the delicious wine, does not know how to stop and consequently has an orgasm for the first time. “This prosekar, all this love, all these drops of passion!” reads the label. Zarko shows how the bottle used to be opened. The tools he likes, as he calls himself a communist. 🙂

Choir at the courtyard
Meanwhile, in the courtyard of the osmizza, a crowd of men enters to drink the passionate wine and eat the house-made fine pork meats, cheeses, bread and hard-boiled eggs. The sun is shining, the sky is blue and this farm is now osmiza. It means they eat the homemade cheese, and fine meat and drink the farmers wines. No more Italian is spoken because the full Slovenian village choir has descended on this courtyard. Everyone is enjoying themselves and the atmosphere is exuberant. This is life, this is the village of Prosecco, this is Karst, and Italy!

When I ask to sing for my blog, they are immediately willing. Enjoy these Slovenian and a Russian folk songs from the choir Vasilij Mirk! This really is a passionate place. And the lady on the label keeps smiling!

Address: Osmica u Kutu, Località Prosecco – Contovello, 82, Prosecco-Contovello.