The colorful marktet of Turin

“This building has been renamed ‘Mercato Centrale Torino’ in 2019, following the success of the same projects in Florence and Rome,” explains Valentina Masuelli. “It also fits in the strategy from the city of Turin to revalue the ‘Porta Palazzo’ area. Already since the 19th century it was a very important commercial center and also by far the most lively and colorful place for the Turin people. Here they traded, shouted, sang, discussed, and ate! Mercato Centrale Torino is that place again. At the time, the traders came all the way from the South and from the islands to exchange their merchandise.

When we enter the covered food market of Mercato Centrale Torino, I count 26 street food restaurants, a bar, a cocktail bar and wine bar. On the ground floor, I find a whole series of artisanal producers offering goods such as bread and flour, producing them on site. On this floor I find the typical agricultural producers that characterize the project of the Mercato Centrale Torino. It is typical and high quality ‘cibo di strada’. I find, among many other things, ‘frittura’ (fried snacks), hamburgers, ‘arrosto’ (grilled meat), pizza, arancini, supplì, artisanal ice cream, etc…

“On the second floor there are a cooking school and a classroom where you can attend masterclass while on the third floor there is the so called ‘spazio al fare’ or ‘doing spaces’ where you can hang out, rest, eat, work, party. It is also the place you can rent to organise an event or party” These locations are very inspiring because they overlook the city and the surrounding markets,” Valentina ads.

Address: Piazza della Repubblica, 25, Turijn.