I drive all the way to San Vito Chietino because I am expected in the Trabocco San Giacomo, which is located at the very end of the pier. I go up a wooden staircase onto the platform where I can see the sea below, in front, behind and beside me.

This trabocco is owned by Wilma Mancini. The decor is maritime and shabby chic and the menu features only seafood dishes. She opened this trabocco restaurant in 2015. I am immediately served a glass of white wine and some fish with oil and vinegar as aperfish, a concept Wilma introduced here.

I then eat a brodetto of sea bass with fresh datterini tomatoes, tagiassche olives, capers, basil and other fresh herbs.

Address: Trabocco San Giacomo, Marina Di San Vito Chietino, Marina di San Vito