Historic pizzerie

Naples is the city of pizza. Some of its iconic pizzerias have been around for a very long time. The Antica Pizzeria Da Michele dates back to 1870 and at Pizzeria Brandi, the pizza Margherita is said to have been invented in 1889. Current owner Paolo Pagnani explains that the pizza margherita is the most classic Neapolitan pizza. Paolo: “We top it with the best San Marzano tomatoes, mozzarella from Agerola on the Amalfi coast, basil from the Vesuvian villages and the best extra virgin olive oil from Campania.” Whether the story of the now world-famous pizza really began in this narrow alleyway, Paolo leaves open. “What we do dare to say is that our Neapolitan pride is named after the then Queen of Italy: Margherita di Savoia or Margarita of Savoy.”
A reference in pizza town is also Pizzeria Starita because it is where the 1954 film L’oro di Napoli with Sophia Loren was shot. Diva Loren was and still is an icon for the city. You notice this in the streets or inside where you sometimes come across her image or name. Sophia herself is also completely attached to Naples, because the city reminds her of her childhood and youth.

Antica Pizzeria Da Michele, Via Cesare Serale 1, Napoli
Pizzeria dal Presidente, Via dei Tribunali 120, Napoli
Pizzeria di Matteo, Via dei Tribunali 94, Napoli
Pizzeria Starita, Via Materdei 27, Napoli
Pizzeria Sorbillo, Via dei Tribunali 32, Napoli
Pizzeria Brandi, Salita di Sant’Anna Di Palazzo 2 in Via Chiaia, Napoli
Pizzeria Donna Sofia, Via dei Tribunali 89/90, Napoli