Bra burgers from OX

Paola Mechelozzo and Christian Forbes-Bell started OX-burger in 2019. Paola is a Bra native and her husband Christian is from North Yorkshire, England. This charming Anglo-Italian couple combine the best of their worlds. Paola as a true Italian food lover with a nose for quality food and Christian is a professional car designer with a lot of feeling for the look and experience of their business. They met each other only a few years ago, but immediately started building their dream.

Since both highly value quality, it was obvious that the meat for their hamburgers should only come from the special ‘Razza Piemontese’ beef. “If the basics are good, the rest will follow,” Paola explains. “Fassona meat is softer, juicier and has more flavor than any other meat.”

Their hamburgers have absolutely nothing to do with fast food. “This is traditional food with a story and connection to the its territory,” Paola explains. The burgers are made by a friend/butcher in the village and consist of 100% Fassona meat. The main thing for Poala and Christian now is to get young and old together around this gorgeous street delicacy. “There is no age limit on these burgers”, Christain says.

They developed very creative and unique compositions for their burgers and because seeing food, is eating food, it all looks very neat too. Below are some of the compositions of their burgers:

Mille: brioche bun, gentilina lettuce, tomato, fassona burger, Raschera cheese and fried bacon
York: black brioche bun, gentilina lettuce, fassona burger, spinach, fried egg with bacon
Oxford: brioche bun, fassona burger, red lettuce, soft tomino cheese, fried bacon, flamed honey, balsamic cream

Adress: OX Burger Via Mendicità Istruita, 53, 12042 Bra